Fishing in Loch Tay

Published on 03/08/2021, 13:00

Brown Trout by Robert Pos from Flickr

Loch Tay is a spectacular 15-mile-long stretch of water that drains into the river Tay,  the longest river in Scotland. Loch Tay is also one of the deepest lochs in Scotland (with a depth of over 500 ft). It is home to many fish species including salmon, pike, sea trout, rainbow trout, brown trout, roach and arctic char. 

The fresh-water lake makes an ideal habitat for these fish to breed because of its cool, fresh waters and accessibility from rivers.  Loch Tay is especially famous for salmon fishing which has been practiced there for years.

Your fishing trip has guaranteed stunning views, as the mountains and greenery make up the scenery around the loch.  

There are fishing boats available for rent at Loch Tay Highland Lodges with a capacity of four people and three rods per boat. You can hire a boat for morning, afternoon or full-day sessions from 9.30 to 4.30 pm. Located at the western end of the loch, Killin is the main hub for fishing in the area. Fishing in the loch can be combined with a trip to the nearby river Dochart’s salmon holding pools. Trolling, following the dedicated line that goes all around the loch is also a lucrative method for catching salmon. There are over 20 submerged crannogs in the loch so doing a bit of research on where they are located will ensure you won’t damage your boat. 

The fishing season for salmon runs from 15th January to 15th October. The trout season is from 15th March to 7th of October. Make sure to purchase a fishing permit and you’re all set! 

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