Preserving the Environment

Green Holidays in Scotland...

Reducing your traveling time cuts down on your carbon emissions, so why travel far and wide when the breathtaking scenery of Scotland are so close at hand?

Boasting some of Europe's last wilderness areas, Scotland offers crystal clear Lochs, magical islands, majestic mountains, ancient forests, crumbling castles and dynamic, beautiful cities with some of the finest food and drink available.

At Loch Tay Highland Lodges we understand that to reduce carbon in Scotland we need to work with guests to make holidays which offer a more sustainable lifestyle and holiday experience. 

We are proud to strive to offer a reduced carbon holiday. Our site at Loch Tay is almost entirely self-sufficient already for the vast majority of all our utility and energy needs and offers an off the grid experience to guests.

Guests helping to reduce our carbon foot print

We offer a Glamping or Lodge experience and whilst some of our properties do include linen, we have chosen not to include towels at any of our properties to help conserve our onsite water, chemical usage and electricity consumption.

We encourage all guests to help us reduce our carbon foot print by conserving water, preserving electricity, using vehicles only when absolutely necessary, and recycling all rubbish where possible.

We have fitted many of our cabins and lodges with electricity meters which whilst set on the lowest level using meters encourages guests to switch of lights and other electrical items when not in use. If the cabins and Lodges are not in use, this also reduces the risk of wasted electricity. 

This way, guests can be assured their Highland getaway is not only gentle on the environment, it helps to preserve the environment as well.

We have some properties with electric power showers but you may notice the water pressure is lower than perhaps in your own home or slightly dis-colored. This is nothing to worry about, our water sourced from a natural, sustainable private Loch supply which is then treated on-site and gravity fed to all our self catering properties which means we are totally off grid for our water supply.

What we do...

We are committed to best practices and standards that are considered to help in the protection of our Environment using the resources we have. We participate in good environmental practices which include:

Replacement and Installation of LED bulbs
Where possible use of outside lights on timers or sensors
Use sympathetic lighting and low level lighting to prevent glare.
Light sensors installed in our public areas like the Amenities block and Campers Kitchen.
Promoting Glamping with guests bringing their own bedding and towels.
Metering our cabins with electricity cards which helps keep usage down.
Offering mobile wifi instead of cabled wifi at small cost for those that need it.
Our water is also sourced from a natural, sustainable private Loch supply which is treated on-site and gravity fed to all our self catering properties.

Sustainable Mobility Programme

In 2018 we also linked in to Tesla’s Charging program and we are proud to be a Tesla charging partner. We offer 1 Tesla Charging point and 2 EV Charging point which are completely free of charge to use for guests staying on site. We hope to contribute to the pursuit of sustainable mobility. Find out more about our EV charging points.

Eco Wood Burning Hot Tubs

A lot of guests now enjoy hot tubs with their accommodation. We have fitted 50% electric hot tubs and 50% eco friendly wood burning hot tubs on our spa pool properties.

All our wooden hot tubs and barrel outdoor saunas have wood fired heaters which offer a more cost efficient and unusual way to heat them up.